The amazing ITP coaches network

3 Common Mistakes That Keep IT Project Teams Stuck in Constant Problem Solving, and Bind Their Capacities.

#3 Prioritization of challenges

The project management focuses first on the own challenges and ignores the challenges of the team. Important problems that require urgent solving don’t get assigned and finally provoke the failure of the project. The neutral position of an ITP coach ensures to keep prioritizations of challenges on track, regardless of budget – and profiling pressure.

#2 Underestimation of challenges

Challenges are not fully aware and are not entirely recognized. From small mistakes big consequences may arise. Referring to Dr. Robert Maurer author of the Kaizen Way, for e.g. the Japanese automobile production became worldwide successful because of having this principle in mind. For further information you may watch the following interview:

With an external assistance of an ITP coach the crucial challenges will be detected while emerging.

#1 Missing an agile network

The project teams tend to live in a static, limited world. Time and money-related learning processes are individually experienced.
Therefore resources get lost and projects fail for lack of better knowledge.
The strong ITP coach network is growing by the collective learning approach, so that project teams can profit mutually of an agile network. Many mistakes are repeated in most IT projects and offers ambitious value to enhance efficiency.
An agile network guaranties that IT projects prioritize and estimate challenges correctly. IT project teams are prevented to get stuck in constant problem solving. Additional capacities are released.