LinkedIn bookSuccess Secret # 3: PaP –
People are People

People want to be recognized as people and not as an asset. This success secret refocuses to the word human in human capital. Companies like Google, Apple and the Virgin Islands airline are examples of having top motivated employees. Team members want to be heard and not be treated as machines or nerds.

By ignoring this success secret, team members lose their motivation to bring in a full workload and focus on catching the salary only. In IT project teams are working top specialists together, and each one has to offer the full potential and creativity in order to reach out for success solutions, especially in challenging times.

Right away you can start to create the conditions under which human power will begin to flourish. Just to name a few starting points that shift to a working model that supports high motivated people: Check the workplace design – create social events – encourage to establish team-finding processes and finally . . . get the assistance of an IT Project Coach.

Success Secret # 2: CC –
Complete Communication

This success secret refers to an overall communication model that includes all involved persons and demonstrates an excellent feedback culture. Companies, who focus on employment motivation, also cultivate an excellent communication culture, where not only a few people are informed about project goals.

Studies reveal that the most important reason that IT projects fail is communication challenges. I observed during migration from XP to Win7 that some projects did too long communicate independently, and finally were unable to be merged on program level.

Most companies have already established structures and processes for optimized communication and feedback. An IT Project Coach can continuously ensure and check-back that those tools are respected and applied. It is of utmost importance starting the projects from the beginning with a holistic communication culture, including feedback and tracking reports.

Success Secret # 1: CTC –
Create Team Culture

Team culture is the behavior of humans who are part of a team and the meanings that people attach to their actions. “Culture” includes the team values, visions, norms, working language, systems, beliefs and habits. Multinationals on the global market place are focusing on cultural awareness. But creating team culture is not to command a specific culture to a diverse team. Don’t just talk about, let teamwork make the dream work.

If people with different cultural backgrounds are working together, some misunderstandings can interrupt the team spirit. A seemingly small disharmony may grow to a big impact and final project failure.

Make teamwork one of your core company values, and put a clear emphasis on team culture by accepting the globalized world and all their opportunities. An IT Project Coach is sophisticated to be aware on unconscious patterns in the team interaction and supports the team to reveal the cultural differences. Also, an IT Project Coach assists the team to have a profound understanding of diversity and cultural awareness in the work place as well as the ability to adapt their teamwork to different situations.