The Trillion Dollar IT Revolution; A Unique Process to Stop Enormous IT Project Failures

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Let a professional IT specialist produce optimized solutions. This book reveals the important and neutral role of the IT Project Coach to ensure extraordinary results of each IT project. As a pilot who helps big ships to enter the harbor safely, an ITP Coach assists all project members to build a guaranteed success with the highest motivation. Improve your IT Project Management to the next level, and save a lot of revenue.

“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay ahead of one of the key Trends defining the future of IT business.”

“This brilliant book cuts through the mystery and the hype surrounding IT Projects and reveals the important and neutral role of the ITP Coach to ensure success.”

The reason for IT project coaching:

The old saying that teamwork makes the dream work, still has the highest truth. The team players in a team listen to each other’s ideas. In this environment, motivation and creativity can flourish. On this way, you will observe that each team member contributing to the project. This is a highly motivating factor and helps to enjoy working and increase success.

The ITP coach can still reinforce these positive Qualities!