In the book “The Trillion Dollar IT Revolution” I describe the important role of an ITP Coach aspiring IT people to make working more enjoyable.

I discovered a wide range of statistics showing that 30 – 70% of IT projects fail. The ITP Coach Approach is the way back to the success.

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Emotional intelligence should be significantly more important than one’s cognitive intelligence in achieving career success.

Ingredients for success:

  1. the ability to effectively read others and react appropriately;
  2. develop mature skills, to better understand, manage, negotiate with and lead other people;
  3. developing self-awareness by tuning in to true feelings, motivations, aptitudes and limitations;
  4. self-regulation by taking responsibility, handling change with flexibility and being open to new ideas;
  5. self-control by managing the one emotions effectively;
  6. trustworthiness by maintaining standards of honesty and integrity;
  7. motivation skills by constant striving to improve, aligning with goals and despite obstacles and setbacks;
  8. service orientation by anticipating, recognizing and meeting clients’ needs;
  9. sensing what others need to progress and bolstering their abilities;
  10. leveraging diversity by cultivating opportunities through diverse people;
  11. political awareness and understanding others by discerning the feelings behind the needs and wants of others;
  12. communication and leadership skills by sending clear messages and inspiring, guiding groups and people;
  13. conflict management by understanding, negotiating and resolving disagreements;
  14. working with others toward shared goals and creating group synergy in pursuing collective goals;
  15. be sensitive, mindful, attentive, respectful and tolerant – SMART 😉