“This book reveals the important role of an IT project coach  to ensure a much higher rate of success in IT projects.”

― Thomas K. Escher, former member of the group  managing board at UBS

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Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith awarded at: Thinkers50 Top Ten Most Influential Management Thinker in World

Urs Milz assists Business Leaders to save a big amount of money, time and make people enjoy at work. He dedicates his professional expertise establishing a unique and sustainable IT coaching approach with his book, entitled „The Trillion Dollar IT Revolution – A Unique Process to Stop Enormous IT Project Failures”.

Through extensive analysis, Urs Milz discovered a wide range of studies and statistics showing all that 30 – 70% of IT projects fail. Financially of great importance is the fact that the average company has listed “at risk – projects” for 74 million dollars every year. This important gap in IT project management calls for action. Thousands of IT companies worldwide are affected. This results to a trillion dollars IT evolution opportunity.

Urs Milz shows a process to improve the IT Project Management, saving a massive amount of revenue. He aspires to make working more enjoyable in IT, refocusing from Human Capital to Human Beings. A holistic vision of leadership, communication and success in today’s IT world. In his book Urs Milz describes the important and neutral role of the IT Project Coach to ensure the success of an IT project. As a pilot who helps big ships to enter the harbor safely, an ITP Coach assists all project members to build a guaranteed success with the highest motivation.