First trend

The ITP coach represents a process to drastically reduce project failure which conversely means significantly increasing the success rates

Second trend

Emotional intelligence should be significantly more important than one’s cognitive intelligence in achieving career success.

Third trend

Educating the mind with educating the heart and go forward with a highly motivating collective learning approach. The ITP coach network will highly benefit from talent and passion.


Especially the neutral role of the ITP coach as an observer is crucial and will decides the match. As confirmed by a study of the University in Mannheim, projects not fail because of the technology or the choice of a procedure; they fail by a lack of information, communication, and lack of confidence in the project team. In addition, the study showed that in successful IT projects the team works less. In other words, overtime does not contribute to project success.

Through extensive analysis, I discovered a wide range of studies and statistics showing all that 30 – 70% of IT projects fail. Financially of great importance is the fact, that the average company has listed “at risk – projects” for 74 million dollars every year.

This important gap in IT project Management calls for action.

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